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Lebron or Embiid for the Lakers?

July 15, 2017 - Posted by SPQR

I don't think it's any secret what the master plan of Magic and Pelinka is: next year we will bring in Paul George and The King, who will be coming off his consecutive thrashing by Golden State in the playoffs and will very reasonably want to move to a team that gives him the opportunity to be something other than the Warriors personal pinata doll.

Magic is hoping that Ball, Ingram, Zubac, Randle, Kuzma and the others take a big enough leap next year to lure Lebron here arm in arm with George.

I don't really want Lebron here for several reasons. In fact I'm not excited about George or...

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On Ingram, the "face of the Franchise" and More.

July 8, 2017 - Posted by SPQR

I have some thoughts about Ingram, Ball, co-ents by Magic and some other things that have happened since draft night through our first summer league game.

The good: Ingram is that rarest of players who can do it all. He can shoot, handle, drive, finish, pass. He also has the athleticism and size to maximize all of it. He also has the mind. You can see he knows the game and exactly what he's doing.

Sorry Magic, but it's Ingram's number that will be in the rafters when it's all over. That will happen. We will see about Ball.

I really liked Bryant. He ran the floor and was very...

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Magic and Pelinka Make Their First Move and I Hate It.

June 20, 2017 - Posted by SPQR

Those who have read me for many years know I ripped and tore at Mitch Kupchak forever, for the stupid, silly moves he made that were in now keeping with reality or the best long term interests of this franchise.

So nobody was happier when he and Jim Buss were deposed and replaced by Jeanie, Magic and Pelinka. Now I wasn't happy because that particular triumvirate replaced the old guard, just happy that Mitch and Jim were finally gone. I had reservations about all three of the new directors of the Lakers fortunes.

So now the first power move has been made by our new brain trust and I...

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Magic and the Fixed Lottery

May 17, 2017 - Posted by SPQR

A lot of people who should know better are taking Magic’s words about keeping the pick totally the wrong way.
Magic, like all of the greatest athletes is a supreme egoist and totally confident he will win in any contest or endeavor he will ever be in. He believes he was born under a lucky star and can never be beaten.

I remember years ago reading a book about the Showtime Lakers. The Lakers went undefeated in the playoff and had come into Detroit for a title rematch with the Bad Boy Pistons.

As the Lakers buss pulled up to the hotel, on an eldritch, moon flooded night, Magic rose...

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Is Mike Brown's Success Diluting Luke Walton's?

May 13, 2017 - Posted by SPQR

In the long expanse of time, things can change, events or accomplishments that look stunningly bright and successful can dim over time as circumstances change and more data is accumulated.

Such a case can be made about current Lakers head coach Luke Walton.

For years we suffered through a panoply of what seemed abysmal, desultory coaches who didn't seem either to be able to relate to the players, create a system that matched their talents or just seemed downright bad.

You know the names: Scott, D'Antoni, Brown.

A little over a year ago Luke Walton was an assistant coach with the...

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Magic Wants a Star, I Say Be Careful and Patient

April 18, 2017 - Posted by SPQR

The other day Magic Johnson said the first order of business in LA Land is to get a star on the Lakers. He said we've always had one so we need to get one.

I understand Magic's desire. It is nice to have stars, we almost always have had one, or more, and man they sure help you win rings, right?

But one also has to be a realist and smart when taking a look at where your team is and what fork in the road you should traverse to get to where you ultimately want to be.

I have expressed concerns about Magic and I know nothing about new GM Pelinka, but I do know this, a big rush to get a...

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Lakers Avoid Bust out by Gangsters Jim and Mitch

April 15, 2017 - Posted by SPQR

There was a very interesting article in this weeks ESPN Magazine.

It focused on the recent set of power plays by Jim Buss against Mitch, then her retaliation and his last ditch attempt at a revanchist plot to regain the team.

Man, the story about what was going on, the motives and desperation here is so great it's like a Shakespeare play, only in real life.

Several things really caught my eye. Apparently Jim had bought large amounts of real estate soon after Dr. Buss died, the timing of course, till after the corpse was in the group predicates he never would have done so had his...

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Something Funny Happened During the Lakers Golden State Game

November 5, 2016 - Posted by SPQR

Something funny happened last night during the Lakers-Golden State game.

I settled down to watch, I was of course expecting a loss. But more than that, I was hoping for one, just like I have been for every Lakers game for the last three years. And let me tell you, three years is a long time to root against your team.

I only root for two teams in sport, the Steelers and the Lakers and for the vast majority of the time, I pull for both of them every game. But once in a while, when the truth tells me my team needs to get some star players, because they are mired in Nowhere Town with no...

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How 'GM' Mitch Kupchak Screwed Up the Hiring of Luke Walton

May 2, 2016 - Posted by SPQR

The Lakers have their new coach, wonder boy Luke Walton of the champion Warriors.

As fans we all had opinions of who we wanted, we all had our favorites.

Some wanted Luke, the new bright shiny object; others wanted Kevin Ollie, or veteran Messina from the Spurs. Or the well traveled no nonsense Van Gundy.

And if you wanted someone, that's who you hoped would get the job. And that's fine, because you and I are fans. All we have to do is want someone and hope we get that person.

But the GM of a sports team has to do more than just want someone, have a hearts favorite. Because a GM...

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Better Luke Now Than Later.

May 1, 2016 - Posted by SPQR

We have our new coach, Luke Walton.

I don't think too many are sad to see Byron Scott leave. The team was historically awful under his charge. Was it all his fault? Probably not, but he was the head man and some culpability falls his way.

After Scott's departure GM Mitch Kupchak said there would be a long search populated by many names in order to find the right man for the job after several years of mediocre choices. And there were many good choices out there, including Spurs heir apparent Ettore Messina who was interviewed.

But they could have saved Messina the plane ride because...

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