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As the season gets ready to begin, i feel its time to make a guide to starting threads, as well as responding to threads in a way that will make them both entertaining, as well as informative. And well What better place to make that guide than in the veteran's forum ( considering that those in the veterans forum know what it takes to get rep-votes, as well as a great thread ) How/ When to make a thread: First of all, I would like to explain When to make a thread. Scenario 1: Basketball News This is the most common thread of all, and also the most self explanitory. The only requirements to posting basketball news is having a link to the article you're posting, and the 2nd is double checking that the same article has not already been posted.. notes: To make this type of thread better, Provide your view on it, whether its you agree, or highlighting a specific part of an article, and talking about your views on it. Scenario 2: A Reflection or Opinion about something. IMPORTANT- MAKE SURE YOU POST IN THE RIGHT SECTION -This scenario is one of the trickiest ones to post, but yet one of the easiest to come up with. like i emphasized before, make sure you post it in the right place. Also, once again make sure your view, or opinion is unique and not already posted. -Also, when writing your reflection or opinion, make sure you seperate thoughts and ideas somehow, whether its by color, or simply using paragraphs. -ask yourself "Does this post leave room for comments?" Many times with opiniated posts, people state something that people have no way to add to..which leads to the threads that have a trillian 2 word replies saying "kobe is better" or so on. If you want to compare 2....

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nice post

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Very nice chris- repped! I'm going to move it to the announcements section.

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Dave wrote:
Very nice chris- repped! I'm going to move it to the announcements section.

thanks for the move...tooke me 10 minutes to try and figure out where it i placed it in vets. glad you enjoyed it

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Another thing that I believe is important is quoting. Whenever you find an ariticle or blog that is not yours, you must quote it. Otherwise, people might think it's your work. It is simple, really. All you have to do is put these tags around the article/blog:

[quote] [/quote]

^^You would put articles/blogs between those 2 tags. I've seen different users not quoting.

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thanks professor chris.. i hope to get an A in Lakers101 this semester. Weedman kickass Yellow_Flash_Colorz_PDT_31

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nice post i hope alot of people take the time to read it

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Good post, six.chris; a few guidelines may help lower the chaotic postings (they are mostly good intentioned).

One thing I try to do with quotations is if it is a very recent article, I give the writer and publisher credit for their work, and try not to quote the whole article but just a relevant part of it I want to elaborate on, and let the reader use the link to go to the site for the rest.

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Good idea with the bump opti.....

This is definitely a thread that everyone should look at..

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