The Battle of The Giants-Wilt Chamberlain vs. Kareem (video)

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And here is an interview of Wilt back in 1997.

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Vintage vids! It was interesting to see the cap and the stilt toe to toe. That was a true rivalry that seemed like it got serious and physical each time. I like the fact that in the video they claimed the two didn't like eachother which adds to competition. Who are you going to try and embarrass more? You're enemy or your friend? It's something that has almost gone completely extinct in this new day and age. Seems like everybody is best friends and that takes a lot out of the game. I'd rather see two guys cussing at eachother than sharing giggles down on the block. Lets not get started on the talent level of the rivalries back then...WOW.

The Wilt interview was interesting since I've never really seen him in depth like that. It's obvious that he is a wise man who keeps it real. I found it crazy how I share the same view points as him when it comes to NBA players not loving basketball for what it is, but rather for the money it can provide them. I didn't know players from Wilts age made less in the league than what they would make in their field of study as he pointed out. If it were like that today the NBA would be missing a considerable amount of talent.

What an amazing pair of videos. Great fine BLF salute

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Amazing how athletic Kareem was.

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Wilt was already old. Go look at some film when Wilt was in his prime. Then look at the NBA record book to see who dominates there. Kareem was in grammar school when Wilt was in his prime. His name was Lou Alcindor back then.

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It was nice to watch a couple of true centers with legitimate post moves. I had started to forget what that looks like.

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wow what center can you see block hook shots multiple times? Wilt is 5 player easy.

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Great find and post. So nice to see what great centers looked like and what they brought to the game. Its been missing from the small ball NBA for way to long now.


Jerry West said that Kareem was the only guy Wilt played (when Wilt and West were teamates) where Wilt would go to his teamates and say (complain), "Hey, where was the help defense for me on him?" Wilt wouldn't ask for or need help with any other center.

That being said, Wilt was over the hill when he went up against Abdul Jabbar. But it still shows what a hard cover Jabbar was, even for a still formidable Wilt.

Boy this small man NBA sure could use a giant or two like Wilt and Kareem again. I miss those dreadnaught, supremely talented centers.

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just went through a whole roll of paper towels.....

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It's a great video. In honesty, I did not see much big centers moves besides the Sky Hook from Kareem; and Wilt seemed to be over the hill but still very competitive. But both giants went after each other, great! I think Hakeem and Shaq battles are great! They both have the master big centers moves.

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I never realized how good Cap was in the Milwaukee days. And even past his prime, Wilt could still ball. I echo many here who regret that the NBA has become small ball.

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