We need a new game plan

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3 losses in a row and all of them we could've won. We've got NY next and then the huge 9 game road trip. Without Bynum our offense is all scrambled and that is resulting in the L's. My solution? Simple. Pick up the pace. Instead of settling for the half-court set we should run an uptempo triangle All the time and when Bynum gets back we can revert back to the old triangle and also use in it conjunction with an uptempo game. What are your guys thoughts on this?

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Well that would work, running an uptempo style, but don't forget: we've played well earlier last year, complete with running a slow-paced halfcourt triangle without a dominant big man.

We just need to find that groove that we had when we were 26-13 last season. Right now, we're playing like we did in the latter half of last year: standing and watching Kobe do all the work.

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I say we leave that to Phil and his staff. I trust his judgement a hell of a lot more than yours.

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We just need to continue to move the ball and we'll be fine. No need to mix anything up. When Bynum gets plugged back in we want to just start from where we left off. Changing the style of play may end up ruining the chemistry that we have. Remember even with our early success we are still a young team and younger players don't adapt as well as veterans. With the way we played in those losses I'm sure we will be fine. We need to come out with more energy in the second half.

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