How Many NBA Players Really Deserve Max Contracts

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Excellent question we should all be asking. When will things get back to normal? Or are inflated contracts just becoming the norm now? How many players really deserve it? Putting aside what owners make etc. Just based on league standings. I've been wondering about this myself for some time now. Ever since things seemed to spiral out of control, money wise. Forget tv deals and so on. Objectively, what are these guys really worth? Shall we proceed to make a list who, in our opinions, are worth such enormous amounts of money? List anyone? Who does. And who is....

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Not many......LBJ, KD, Harden, Russ, Giannis, KL, Steph, Kyrie, Klay, PG13, AD.....probably missed a few give or take.

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I like this website, they come up with crazy ways to use stats, and I think this article is relevant to the topic

They use an advanced metric that they invented called CARMELO to give players a value kind of like the more common PER, they have used CARMELO to predict a five year market value that you can find by searching a player's name

hope you guys enjoy nerding out as much as I do!

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"If the owners are stupid enough to pay it, I'm gonna be stupid enough to take it!"

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Let's say there's an arbitrary 10 players that "deserve" the max. Each one of these superstars has his own team. So 10 of the 30 franchises has a superstar, what are the other 20 teams supposed to do?

You want them to form a coalition and set an arbitrary contract max for all other players in the league? You want all other teams to tank because it's extremely unlikely you win a chip without a superstar.

It's a free market and there's an extremely limited amount of players available at any one time or free agency period. How do you get the next best player to join your franchise?

If someone is willing to offer a player that amount of money, then that's on them. Freedom of choice. I'm sure everyone here wouldn't appreciate being told your being paid too much, we should cap your wages. If someone is willing to pay me inflated wages I'm here waiting lol.

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Problem is it all pushes ticket prices up to pay for it all. And to line the owner's pockets. Free enterprise. Yes. But fewer and fewer common folk like us can afford tickets. Only way to negate that is stop going to games, and stop paying for the all NBA pass. Let your wallet do the talking. And I mean, let's be real, they're mostly all way overpaid. One could argue they're paid what the market will bear. In fact no, they're paid according to the owner's desire to win, and that's ego, and then they raise ticket prices again....

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