Does Anyone Else Think the Lakers Are Being Tested by Kawhi?

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Ramona brought this up, and while I haven't agreed with a lot of her takes, this one made a lot of sense to me. Tell the Lakers they are heavy favorites and will probably sign with you, then see whether the Lakers can keep their mouths shut. If this is true and this has all been a test, it is BAD for the Lakers. Stuff has been leaking out constantly. Initially I laughed at this notion, but it does make sense, given how private Kawhi is and how he wants to keep things in-house. Also with all these stories about the chaos in the front office, they might want to see for themselves if this is the case. For the Lakers' sake I hope I am wrong, but this may have doomed their chances if it is the case. Because the Raptors and Clippers haven't had leaks outside of the traditional media speculation about where Kawhi might end up. Meanwhile for the Lakers, you have leaks from Magic, leaks from someone who is supposedly Jeanie Buss's nephew. Not good at all.

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This is why I thinking he’s staying in Toronto. Haven’t heard anything from them since Free Agency started.

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More like we're being 'played' by him imo. Along with the rest of the NBA. If he had to inquire as to the state of the FO, then he's not reading news. If he didn't know it was not possible for Magic to be at a meeting, then he's clueless about protocol. As is his agent. These new 'young trendy' agents, JZ, Clutch etc, are quite annoying. Let the pros take care of this stuff. Just coz the traditional powers in sports agency are white vs the new black guys, is no reason to partner up with incompetent agents. Unless it's bias against whites, which is how it's starting to look. Ever read any Rich Paul quotes? Did he actually go to school?

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