When Children Are in Charge, You Have an Adult Sized Problem (P. 2)

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If Kurt becomes coach, I'm done.

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kkennon1 wrote:

If Kurt becomes coach, I'm done.

His wife is already the shadow owner.... lol

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Seems like it. Check this out...

https://lebronwire.usatoday.com/2019/05 ... st-popular

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Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: Some Within Pelicans ‘Admitted’ Lakers Made ‘Pretty Attractive’ Offer

https://www.lakersnation.com/anthony-da ... 019/05/07/

Well, what the ****?!! We basically offered them our entire team. Better not do that **** again.

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Can we petition somebody to buy the Lakers from the Buss's before they ran this team to the ground. It's really pathetic. Even Monty Wiiliams spurned the Lakers for the Sun. Goodness gracious.

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Trade Rob and hire Jerry West’s son. Have Rambis become an assistant coach in the D league. Two problems solved in just a matter of minutes.

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Eloquent and well written but ultimately ignoring a big part of what’s allowed the Lakers to remain such a dominant force in the NBA for much of it’s history. The Lakers have always been superstar chasers and it’s led to tremendous success. Need I remind you of players like Chamberlain, O’Neal, and Jabbar? Did the Lakers draft them? Did they play all their years with the Lakers? We all know the answer. Naturally, Lakers draft pick stars have also played an undeniably major role in Laker glory when you talk about Magic, Worthy, Bryant, West and so on.

I hated to lose Randall and other promising young Lakers as much as the next guy, but sometimes you have to roll the dice and go for a superstar, who can come in and make a difference now. That’s what’s worked for the Lakers time and time again in the past, and I’m not going to start criticizing that strategy now.

Even if you look at the champs over there in Golden State. Would they be looking at the three-peat right now if not for Durant? Most likely not.

There’s always going to be criticisms and I understand that, but I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve always been doing and support the team, and hope for a better season next year. Go Lakers.

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