LeBron James Had Late Night Out Before Sitting Out GS Game

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... on Feb. 2, Lakers coach Luke Walton announced that James would sit out a high-profile game against the Golden State Warriors due to “load management,” as he had been sore from playing 40 minutes in his first game back.

Sounds a bit suspect, but plausible.

It’s clearly noted in the beginning of the video that it took place on Feb. 1 at 11:43pm.

James, aside from other projects he’s taken on in the entertainment industry lately, is working with 2 Chainz as A&R for his new record “Rap Or Go To The League,” due out September 10. The two are seen in the video appearing to work on the record, drinking wine and seemingly having a good time. But considering that it was announced that James was sitting just 80 minutes prior to the game the next day, it seems a little suspect.

James has been a very vocal leader and player in his career, which is certainly one of the reasons the Lakers were interested in bringing him on board. But things haven’t been looking good lately. The team has been in a skid and could potentially miss the playoffs, which means the playoffs would be James-free for the first time in fourteen years.

It remains to be seen whether the “load management” sit-out in early February was due to soreness or off-the-court matters. But it certainly isn’t a good look for a well-respected leader and champion who is trying to captain a ship that’s close to hitting an iceberg.

https://sports.yahoo.com/le-bron-james- ... 15363.html

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LebRon is to busy running his other businesses to concentrate on basketball and takes days/games off because he’s tired. Then when the team losses he blames the young guys and of coarse the coach. You can see how he’s disrespectful to Luke and has had issues with most coaches except for Lue. We all knew that LebRon was going to get his way when it comes to players and even coaches but running all these side businesses and not concentrating on basketball is ridiculous

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