Lonzo Ball Currently 8th on All Star Ballot (backcourt)

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For those of you who argued in favor of Lonzo Ball 'with the second pick', rather than D'Aaron Fox, for those of you whom are voting Ball into the All Star Game and still believe that hype over substance is a thang, for those of you who felt compelled to justify the obvious facts including his irreparable jump shot with 'Basketball IQ', keeping B.I. over Julius Randle, bringing in old man Chandler rather than developing Zu and Moe, the virtues of Puke Walton and for the record, insulting long time contributors with a reputation for a high degree of accuracy, may your preferences sprain their ankles allowing the two best point guards on the team, Rondo and Caruso, and the two best forwards other than James, Kuzma and Svi, to lead the Lakers into the second round of the playoffs.

Does James not realize that nobody wants to play with someone who calls themself the GOAT? Shaking my dang head right off my dang shoulders...

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