LeBron James Ignores Luke Walton's Play Calls at Times (P. 2)

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BaadMaster wrote:
KD, as per above, totally disses LeBron and says that no stars would ever want to play with James. Or something like that. **** HIM!

I might add KD sounds bitter. He makes a gazillion bucks, gets to win a ring he didn't really earn and gets to spit in LeBron's face on national TV. Again, **** him and the horse he rode on.

He couldn't shine LeBron's shoes.

Where does he diss him ??? 1st think he says it's not Lebron's fault, young stars today want to be the man. And it's media around Lebron that is toxic.

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My crystal ball says we will get AD and KL.....Weeeee!!!!!!...lol.

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