Lakers vs. Atlanta Hawks Game Day 2018-01-07 (P. 3)

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kkennon1 wrote:
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According to sos from ESPN's rpi rankings, they have had the 9th toughest schedule.

When the games go to overtime it's a no brainer that they will have played more minutes lol.

Not saying that his points aren't true but he is using very vague wording and statistics to back up his argument.

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So why on earth would the NBA give the hardest schedules to some of the worst teams? Unreal. To make the good ones look better than they are? Or is it just some badly conceived computer algorithm run amok? It would make much more sense to give the better teams harder schedules and worse teams easier ones. If they want to create any sort of illusion their parity program is working. And to keep teams from tanking.

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