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Not sure it will be any better than the 'old' way, which hasn't been working so well. I get the reason for going in a new direction. But I doubt this will help much, or be any better.

NBA To Use More Data-Driven, Analytical Structure Overseeing Referees

Sep 18, 2017 8:16 PM

The NBA has been pursuing a more data-driven and analytical management structure over their referees and Bob Delaney will no longer oversee the league's referees.

"When it comes to referee development and training, there is no finish line," Delaney said in a statement issued by the NBA. "There is, however, always a finish line for one's career. I was fortunate to work not only on the court as a referee, but also in the league office and as Director of Officials. Full of memories, pride and respect for the dedicated professionals who will continue to uphold the traditions of referee excellence which are in place and ever-advancing, I am now at that finish line. I will be relocating to the Atlanta area to begin my next chapter, and will continue to serve as an NBA consultant and NBA Cares Ambassador. It has been an honor to be a part of the NBA for the past three decades and leading the Officiating Staff has been the highlight of my NBA career."

Byron Spruell has been working to reshape the administering, training and recruitment pools of the league's referees since being hired by the NBA in 2016.

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Awesome video clip

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