Lakers Want To Keep Metta as Assistant Coach

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Should the Lakers Keep Metta World Peace as Assistant Coach?
Yes and he would accept
 50%  [4]
Yes but he won't accept
 37%  [3]
 12%  [1]
Total Votes : 8

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The odds are against Metta World Peace making the Los Angeles Lakers' Opening Night roster, but the Lakers have interest in keeping the veteran forward around as an assistant coach if they can't make room....

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I'll keep it simple and say I think he'll do a great job and he still has that "Goon" in him if they young Lakers get out of line. 2 thumbs up!!!!!

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He should definitely be kept as an assistant coach with all his experience and toughness. He can teach the guys a thing or two about defense as well.

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I hope Metta stays on as an assistant coach. His on-court skills are now spotty, at best, and this could open up a whole new world for him. Not to mention how it would help the youngsters.

I'd be a bit shocked if any other team signed him. But then again -- there's always China.

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I think MWP would make a great coach one day. He seems to have a great insight with people.... I remember when we first got D12 and he immediately told the press if the the Lakers don't win the Championship it was HIS fault not Dwights, knowing Dwight let's stuff in the press get to him. IMO, a much better approach for helping a teammate than Kobe's "I'll teach you how to win" BS...

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Seems to thing he can still hang in the NBA. After watching him play for the Knicks years ago, I said he was finished, how can anyone in his entourage not see he is finished as a player?

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Well it's official, MWP is a player on the roster....lmao!!!!

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Locker room coach

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