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I would love to find 8 other teams to play in ESPN Fantasy basketball league this year with me and my friend. And to make it more exciting having each team pay $20. I figured I would get a head start on this right now and see who would be interested. If ok with Dave, we could all send him the money and he could hold on to it until the winners are determined. I have not asked Dave about this yet. Anyone who is interested please let me know, you will need a ESPN account. We could do less teams if we don't get a full 10 or I think ESPN allow you to go higher also maybe 12 or 14 teams.

Prizes based off 10 teams.

1st - $140

2nd - $40

3rd - $20

So if you have any interest in playing ESPN Fantasy Basketball for real money, please reply to this thread.

Die-Hard Laker Fan
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I am interested. I can PM my email.

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