Len Bias, 30 Years Later, What Could Have Been

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I remember reading somewhere that Ingram or Simmons (or someone in the draft lol) said he modeled his game after Len Bias, and some members here were impressed he would know who Bias was. It spoke to his dedication to the game and knowing it's history etc. I confess I'd never heard of Bias before that was brought up. But found this article today. On the 30th anniversary of Len's death after being selected in the 2nd round by Boston. A tragic end and clearly a figure pple still talk about. Pity we never got to know what might have....

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Great player who never got the recognition he deserved IMHO. It was Karl Anthony Towns who modeled his game after Len.

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Len Bias would've helped the Celtics back then impede our championship years back in the 80's. That's all I say on that. He was that good, trust. As I've stated on another thread, there probably would've been Air Bias instead of Air Jordan. Remember watching this guy come from up under the rim in college and block Jordans shot at the 3pt line. Oh my god. I'll just leave it there.

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