Where Did You Come Up with Your LTB Username? (P. 2)

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userpete1037 wrote:

LMAO!!!!!!....Big Brother is watching.

TIL Dave is big brother lol.

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Yes sir!!!....lol.

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Mine came from the fact that I live in Memphis Tn and my first name is Toni/Laker fan since Magic

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I use my name as my LTB username

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There is a real Heaven on Earth. No B.S.. My research is very rigorous. I take a no holds barred approach. I practice architecture and have appointed myself to be the grammar police here on LTB on occasion over the years. Pulling these things together and putting it into context, the recession that started in 2007 wiped out my profession. By 2010 work was slow and by 2012 work was zero and despite having lived in a beach front apartment in LA several years earlier, I was evicted for the second time in 2012 from a popcorn factory wherein the balcony offices I had made my temporary home. The snacks though were gourmet and plentiful! Smile As they say, things happen for a reason. The eviction compelled a new friend of mine to suggest that I visit him. My research includes ancient cultures, alternative medicine (the Star Trek sort that is quite real), specialized geometry and something called the Sonic Sciences. My new friend had just written a book that decoded the Giza pyramids and over another 15 year period of verification, this knowledge pointed to places in the landscape that unfolded an intentionally lost ancient history that has been encoded into the pyramids to be discovered in the future. Hold on now, I'm getting to the point! :) I had also been a professor of architecture, fired three times for teaching students rather than the curriculum. Admittedly, I'm quite anti-establishement though all for the right reasons and I can prove that statement. I have also been published for technical, theoretical and poetic writing so WORDS, ya' know. They get me hired and they get me fired. My friend the author amazingly wired me $5,000 US dollars, having never met me....

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^^^^^Cool....I am learning a lot about you ALL!!! Awesome" origin" Skye (sorry comic book buff, so people's life stories are usually broken down into an origin...LOL!!!)

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