The NBA is Randomly Testing for HGH, Steroids, LeBron?

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If anyone wonders why LeBron is not looking himself these days, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the new steroid testing the NBA has implemented. Here is the link to the NBA league drug testing.: -testing/ Remember last year when he came into the season thinner and says he started the Atkins diet? That to me was because he knew there was going to be testing the following year. He knew if he came in this year under weight that people would link it to steroids. That's why he decided to go off the steroids a year before, to make....

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Unfortunately, there will never be a way to know if he has ever used steroids. His age can be his scapegoat.

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Good deep analysis. I've been shouting this for years, by his 4th year it was apparent. And how about that procedure he had done on his jaw?? Can be linked to hgh. Media was reL quiet about that one.. The reports about him being in the bio genesis lab were kept real lowkey as well. The NBA, the media, sponsors, don't want him caught.

Imagine the scandal? I'm personally waiting for it.

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Hasn't the league drug tested for years?

I remember an article saying how many NBA players use drugs during the season all the time. Because they know it's only 3 times which the third is typically around the All-Star break. So after the third they start smoking weed again and snorting coke. IDK if you need different tests for weed vs. HGH but I assume both are piss tests.

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He sure is thinner. Its hard to recognize him when going up and down the floor. It's pretty obvious to me.

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I've been calling the NBA out on specifically NOT testing LBJ coz they always need a hero. And they chose him, for better or worse. Kobe was never anointed in his time. For some reason his candor and intensity turned pple off. But clearly, minus the drugs, the NBA would be a different landscape. It's just a shame they're so into having a single local hero, single superman face they don't mind letting some players skate on such things. And yeah it's been pretty obvious about LBJ since he was in high school. This 'nothing matters as long as we make money' NBA is becoming more and more disappointing by the era.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention again lakerdude. Until sports are cleaned up we'll always wonder about such things. Pity....

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