Steve Nash Announces Retirement

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Great player, to bad it didn't work out with Lakers. Hope he continues to work with our rookies.

Laker GM
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So as soon as he starts working with the rookies he decides to retire? Guess he doesn't have the time for that...

Laker GM
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But maybe he'll take some kind of coaching/ player development gig with us. He had a great career, will never forget all those series against Phoenix and Nash.

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I think this is the biggest thing in in his staement

"‎"I could have medically retired," Nash told "But they asked if I'd consider just being out for the year. ... Really it was about giving them an opportunity to move my salary and improve their team."

This is the same FO that most of LTB thinks can bring in some top FA's this summer. It is bad decision after bad decision.

Laker GM
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Don't care, dude didn't even attempt to really help us after he got hurt. There are other things he could have done, but he didn't. Good riddance.

Die-Hard Laker Fan
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Activate "Jerk Mode"...

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Great career and a class act...wish he was healthy during his time here. We could've had a real shot when Dwight was here but his body started falling apart on him. He tried but father time caught up to him. I don't blame him for taking the money. If we had 10 million dollars with our name on it, we'd do whatever it took to get it as well. He's been a great professional and I hope he continues to mentor our young guys. Salute.

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Oh no, we will miss you Steve Nash. Probably was really hard to retire. Kind of like the last day so school, you don't want to leave because you realize that everything is going to change.

Laker GM
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He had a wonderful career and is an amazing guy. Just made the terrible decision to bring a close to 40 year old on a team looking to contend. Then it's another thing him getting all those freak injuries. and then it's also another thing for him to not help us at all.

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If only the fans treated him the same.. We might have scared other players away with how some people reacted.

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