Kobe Bryant "Let It Go" Parody

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Casual Laker Fan
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Hey guys! not sure if you guys have seen the parody yet but its pretty funny and sadly true at the same time. Enjoy the video.


Die-Hard Laker Fan
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I think that was really Kobe singing. He has a nice voice!

Laker GM
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Location: Belmont Shores,CA
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I laughed my a** off ... Good stuff

Site Admin
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That is hilarious. Let it tank, LOL.

LNS HOF Bronze
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Banners glow bright on the rafters tonight Not a Lakers fan to be seen

Coach Scott calls isolation, And Swaggy P's setting the screen

The fans are howling, there's a media storm outside

Couldn't get the win, Heaven knows I tried

Don't let them in, Don't let them see

Be the Mamba you always have to be

Shaquille O'Neal don't let him know

Well now he knooooows

Let it tank, Let it tank

Going 8 for 24

Let it tank, Let it tank

Fade away and shoot some more

I don't care

If I'm overpaid

Let the Spurs rage on

Getting old never bothered them anyways

It's funny how much distance

We have from winning it all

And defenders that couldn't control me, Now they steal the ball

If I retire. what would I do?

Maybe I'll star in Frozen 2

Do what I want, No rules for meee. I'm Kobeee!

Let it tank, Let it tank

Get a pick, hopefully top 5

Let it tank, Let it tank

Without Phil why even try?

Here I stand..& Here I'll play

If my legs hold up

My power forward broke his shin in his first game

Now I could not tell you half of our players names

And one thought bulges like a disc inside Steve Nash

No more back 2 backs, the past is in the past


I'll never get that 6th

Let it tank, Let it tank

Dwight Howard's a soft a** *****!!

Here I stand king of L.A.

Laker Nation!!

Getting old never bothered me anyway.....

(Kevin Garnett....."ANYONE CAN BE A PRINCESS!!!)"

Die-Hard Laker Fan
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FrankBecerra wrote:
I think that was really Kobe singing. He has a nice voice!

Can't tell if you were joking...but no that definitely isn't Kobe singing lol.

LNS HOF Platinum
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Shouldn't this be over in the tank thread?

Die-Hard Laker Fan
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Man I'm rollin on the floor... Hahahaha 😂😂

Die-Hard Laker Fan
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so many little jokes, I held off watchin it, as I don't want to think of Kobe in that way... man was that funny, lol

Laker GM
Age: 104
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saw it on sports news before it was posted here, hilarious video!

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