Kobe Bryant Playing One On One In China

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Here's some clips of Kobe playing a little one on one in his recent trip to China. Looks good. Looks like he's moving well. It's a good sign. Can't wait for the season to start!


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I still would like to see him in a live NBA game but the dude is amazing....His body looks to be in really good shape.

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Looks to me like he has trimmed down and taken some muscle mass off, it will be good for him...He looks good! Never doubt this guy...Sooner or later time catches up to everyone...but guys like KB make it last allot longer then us normal mortal guys.

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Looks ready...!

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My boy Kobe looks ready to shut down the doubters this upcoming season!!!

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So GOOD to finally see him on the floor. Sure it is against fans and for fun, but man he looks quick and his footwork is still the best in the game. Bring on the season. Win or lose, seeing Kobe back in action is going to be a real joy to watch.

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cant wait to see him out there again... he looks great no doubt about it! bring it on Mamba!

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