'And with the 7th Pick, The Los Angeles Lakers Select... (P. 3)

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Randle is given 9-1 odds to win rookie of the year. Only parker at 5/1 and wiggins at 11/2 are above him and Noel has same odds at 9/1

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Wiggins won't get it because he's behind Irving and Waiters. Jabari has the best shot, but if Lakers don't make a huge splash this year then I see Randle being neck to neck with Parker.

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If Pau comes back I'm predicting him at the high post again. Randle is not a skilled shooter and the majority of his effectiveness is all deep in the paint. Not enough room for the two of them to operate down low. Defensively, however, opponents would have to think twice about coming to the hole. Very curious to see how the two would work.

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i think jabari has the best shot. then exum then noel.

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Saw this video that examines how Randle did against guys with NBA length.

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Randle can shoot.

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