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Laker GM
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Hello LTB,

I would like to apologize to this forum for losing my cool. What I said was mean... I don't like to carry myself in that way in any public forum. I would like to apologize to MAGICLAKEZ specifically. Even though we will forever disagree on the subject in question, I should NOT have said what I said. I immediately regretted it... Its simply inappropriate and disrespectful... Please accept my sincere apology.

I would like to thank the head of LTB. Being a part of this site is important to me. I promise that nothing like this will ever happen again. You have my word. My good will always out-weigh my bad...

Lastly, please excuse this open letter. Its morning time and I'm in a bit of a hurry. I have never told anyone exactly how important the Lakers are to me. I will talk more about that in a follow-up post later. I'm looking forward to talking with everyone as we discuss OUR team for the rest of this season and beyond. Thanks for taking the time to read my apology. As always, GO LAKERS!



Site Admin
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Well said- great to have you back and thanks for the apology!

Laker GM
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Keep those posts coming, NBAtruthwriter! I like reading them a lot, so please behave yourself haha Wink glad you�re still here.

LNS HOF Bronze
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I'm glad that you're back NBATW, You have great posts and you are a true Laker fan!

Laker GM
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great that you learn from your mistakes, welcome back

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