Phil Jackson Tells D'antoni to Sit Down!

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Maybe he'll get to do this again at some point?

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I hope so. If we put a team together worthy of his time.

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The old man is done coaching. He won't be the savior, even if he is on the bench. The roster is old, we have players who are shells of their former selves. The notion that Phil will come back and save this team would be funny, if people weren't actually serious. Are people forgetting how they got embarrassed by Dallas in the second round with a better roster than this one? Guess who was the coach? Yup, PJ.

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I actually feel bad for Phil. Here he carefully sculpted a title-winning exit for him and Kobe -- and Jim Buss shints all over it. Even if by treating Phil in this manner, Jimbo risks destroying the franchise. His personal issues with Jackson and his sister clearly outweigh his rational business judgment.

PJaX saw this team -- Kobe, D12, Pau and others this trio would attract -- as having had the talent to get him a "once in forever" 12th NBA title-winning exit. And to get Kobe his sixth ring. Only to have this dream -- for himself, Kobe, Jeannie and the Laker nation -- snatched away at the very last minute by the spoiled no-nothing rich kid of an owner.

And this dream is dead forever. It must really gnaw at him. After all, it even gnaws at me.

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We all share your pain Baad. It sucks for us to have to sit at the back of the bus as we watch it roll to the end of the road, and over the cliff. We can see it, plain as day. But the people in charge have a personal agenda, so their actions are frequently not rational. Kinda like politics.

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