Kobe Changes IG and Twitter Profile Picture to '1225'

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Well if you look at both, you would be able to see it.

A few theories include:

  • Lakers being ranked 12th and him 25th best.

  • Kobe being ranked 12th last season, but 25th now.

Or what Kobe says is just his pet's birthday. Who knows?

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Another theory is that it's the date he's coming back - Christmas Day against the Heat

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he says "1225" is in reference to his pet's birthday, per the Los Angeles Daily News' Mark Medina.

I don't believe it though hahah

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-It's his pets birthday

-It's the rankings of the Lakers and Kobe himself

-It's the most likely date for his return

One big coincidence... or is the rankings and everything some kind of setup to hype his return? haha just thinking out loud.

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Clearly the day he is aiming to come back. But that is not to far away so maybe not...LOL

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My guess is 12/25. 2 months away seem not too far-fetched for Kobe if everything I've heard about his recovery is true so far.

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1+2+2+5 = 10"

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