NBA 2k14 - Hollywood Jerseys Missing

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Does anybody know why lakers's hollywood night jerseys and long sleeves jerseys are missing? When they are planning to add them to the game?

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They're going to appear in future updates. They've already addressed this. 2K has never been good when it comes to detail and accuracies to player models/ courts. Remember 2K12 when they promised fans that they would continuously update player models (hairstyles, faces, etc.) but they didn't? 2K has some of the laziest developers in the biz. Granted, their gameplay is great, but people need to stop blowing smoke up their a**es.

But yeah, they'll update it eventually. I don't even have the game. I'm waiting for the PS4. Thanks for listening to my brief rant.

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2k has put out the same game for the last 3 or 4 years. I'm just gonna wait for next gen gameplay videos to see if they stepped up their game.

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