Goodbye, Farewell, and God Bless. It Has Been a Great Ride!

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My fellow LTBers, Right now Dwight Howard is sitting down with the Houston Rockets discussing his future. After that he will be meetings with the Mavs, Hawks, and I believe the Warriors. Lastly, it will be our turn. I hope he does choose to stay, but I feel like the odds are going against us. Because of this, I see some really dark days ahead of us. Normally I am a very optimistic person, but the more I study this situation the worse I feel. I believe that our status as an "elite" franchise may have died with Dr. Buss. I have little to no faith in Jim. I think Mitch is either a company man and saying what Jim says, or he is an idiot too. The problem as I see it is with our current coach, Mike D'Antoni. I know some people on the radio have defended him, but his single hiring might be the main cause of our downfall. Our current two people in charge of basketball operations seem to have a lot of unfounded faith in D'Antoni. Yes, the 28-12 record was nice down the stretch, but that is a lot of faith for a 40 game sample. And how does he help us in the future?? They tell everyone that Dwight is our future and insist that D'Antoni is the right coach. The same guy who said that feeding the post was the most useless play in basketball at his introductory presser. He can't put a good coaching staff together. Alvin Gentry chose to join the Clippers (a team that fired him twice) rather than coach with D'Antoni. Nate McMillan, the defensive coordinator for the USA teams to D'Antoni's offensive coordiator, chose to spend his winters....

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I know a lot of people feel like you do at the moment, and some like yourself are true Laker fans but at the end of the day, you've got to stick with the team no matter how tough the road ahead is. I'm pretty sure Dwight is leaving as well but I'm not going to stay upset about it for long, I'm going to look forward to seeing what my Lakers do next. With or without Dwight, our team is still capable of performing at a high level when healthy and while I don't see a title next season, I don't see us being a lottery team either. Hope you stick around for the tough times, it makes the good times that much sweeter.

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with Kobe and Pau even they are 50% is better than what we will have in the next few years.

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Don't pull the plug too early. There's plenty of time to jump ship later if you still feel so inclined. At least hang in until July 10.

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I hope he resigns.. I bought a d12 jersey for $30 awhile back at tj maxx swingman Smile. Don't want it to go to waste.. Not gonna be a Cleveland fan and cry or burn a jersey and rant about their player's departure... Wait a min if d12 leaves then his jersey is a throwback right? Shoot I'll sell it for MORE money.. Thank Ava Adams for being a Laker girl at heart.. IMA tweet her to post more sexy Lakers pics :p. If d12 resigns, ima post the infamous flex ur muscle with a Lakers d12 jersey on

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Thanks for the mention,hang in their things will be back to normal soon i hope,farewell.

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Well I'm staying. Lakers for life.

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Dwight even has an old school song. Check out this soul ballad, "Midnight Train To Georgia," which starts with "L.A. proved too much for the man...he couldn't make it..."

It kinda sums it all up.

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Why is it that everyone sees the same thing but the front office of the Lakers? Are they that brilliant, or are we all out to lunch? Antoni is such a bad fit. It was obvious from the minute it was announced. Yet they hold onto him. It's time for the board of directors for the Lakers to replace Jimmy Boy. He's not up to the task at hand, and needs to be replaced. It appears to me that the FO got their $3 Billion deal with TWC, and we got what the little boy shot at and missed = NOTHING, ZERO, a bucket of crap. Now, they got their cash, and we are no longer that important to them. Too bad. Repercussions from this bad decision will haunt the team for decades. Expect more serious injuries to key players. Playing a guy for the whole game isn't good for his future. Look at all of the injuries we had last year. That was predicted and predictable, based on the way Antoni plays his players. No subs. You can almost get away with that approach with 22 year old players. But not 32 year old guys who are all at the end of their careers. That's suicide. We imploded because of the substitutions of the coach. Unless they start recruiting in the kindergarten and clear the decks of our existing roster, Antoni is a formula for another disaster. It's like knowing that the Hindenburg is going to crash, but not being able to do anything to stop it. Another year will be wasted. How many people are willing to pay $300 per game per seat to watch a bunch of broken down players? That gets old....

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LakerZip wrote:
I believe that if Antoni is not fired, the fanbase will seriously deteriorate over the next 5 months. None but the hardcore will remain. It will be like Clipper Nation 5 years ago.

As a matter of fact, it seems to me that the Clippers are on the rise (especially with Doc, which the Lakers really screwed up by not moving in on him immediately when they learned he was available); while the Lakers are on the decline. If things continue as they are now headed, we WILL have a role reversal - Lakers will be the permanent underdog #2 team in LA, while the Clips are and will continue to be #1. Something we never would have contemplated in the olden days of Laker Dominance.

Yes, the diehard fans will not jump ship. But tradition and past titles will not sell expensive seats -- and the Clippers have the better team, better FO and a better coach. And cheaper seats.

Jimmy Boy had better not take his fan base for granted and treat them like peons.

The Clippers could well be #1 if Jimmy continues to be a one man wrecking crew.

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Thx for the kind words and the love

The D'ANTONI hire was a joke

But I can't fault Jim on it trying to put a winning team together... We had and should have had CP3 on our team... That would have changed a ton of things for us and our future

Jim then decided to take another route and it backfired

Keep your head up bud, I'm here for you... Lakers til we die

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Another laker for life here. I am not giving up hope for next year. Seems to me that D'antoni don't have the confidence of front office anymore and it is very obvious others think very little of him too reason why Gentry and Mc millan did not join him. It is like the front office is doing the hiring of the assistant coaches for hI'm

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Jesus! This sounds like a suicide letter! It's not that bad, my god!

This is the LAKERS we are talking about. 16 banners and the deepest pockets in the NBA now thanks to Time Warner. WE WILL BE FINE!!!!

magic42157....take a deep breath. In through the nose....out through the through the nose....out through the through the nose....out through the mouth......

There....doesn't that feel better? LOL

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if he leaves good riddance...

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