NBA Fines Hawks, Rockets, One Other Team for Tampering

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NBA Fines Hawks, Rockets, one other team for tampering Dan Feldman Jun 10, 2013, 5:50 PM EDT Leave a comment The Hawks emailed fans in an attempt to sell tickets by name dropping Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. I don't know whether the chance of Atlanta signing either star in free agency motivated any fans to buy tickets, but the email will cost the Hawks. Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt of USA TODAY: Three NBA teams have been fined for tampering, according to an internal league memo obtained by USA TODAY Sports. A person familiar with the fine said that one of the teams is the....

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3rd team is probably the kings because their head coach said cp3 would look good in a kings jersey

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Tampering is such a gray area (see Miami Heat circa 2010), but this one seems pretty blatant, at least on the part of the Hawks.

Here's an interesting take on the fine levied on the Rockets. I won't quote it all here, but you can follow the link. This is just one side of the issue, but it sounds like the fine may have been unfair to them.

NBA leaves Rockets wondering where the line is for tampering, By Patrick Harrel on Jun 10 2013, 8:04p

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3rd team is probably Dallas, Cuban just suppressed that part os the news with his influence.

As for tampering, it's so unclear yeah, but the penalties for those who commit it aren't anything relevant either, so I reckon most teams will take the risk.

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These fines are minuscule, compared to the advantage they get. Like a wart on an elephants a$$.

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