Fan Takes out Full Page LA Times Ad Thanking Kobe Bryant

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As if we needed more evidence that Laker fans are remarkably dedicated, we have ourselves a new case of super-fandom. We found out on Twitter this morning that Laker fan @ahmedbinsulayem took out a full-page ad in the L.A. Times thanking Bryant for his contributions to the Lakers, and wishing him a speedy recovery.


There are plenty of people who give Laker fans a hard time for a variety of reasons, but nobody will deny the devotion to a franchise shown here.

This is one of the most fantastic things about social media � the ability to see these things and realize just how dedicated some fans are to their team. ... 013/06/09/

You can see the ad in the link above.

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Anybody know how much that would cost?

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One of the greatest moments of my life was seeing (many times) Kobe live art Staples. I am so glad I saw him in his prime. And, who knows, maybe his "prime" is still there. Never bet against him doing the impossible.

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