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Let me start by saying the obvious, they were stupid to hire a dumb coach in mike brown and then did even more stupid thing in hiring mike dantoni. Dont these guys know that both are just one dimensional coach that can only teach one side and not the other. Here we got mike brown who was trying to teach a system offense that he himself dont know how to and to make matters worse he brought a assistant coach to teach them yeah some leadership there. And now we are stuck with another fool in dantoni. First of all how do you think about bring a coach to satisy nash and not howard who they should be building for franchise in the first place. Now as I see lakers play they run nothing like dantoni system and it should be as the roster is nowhere near versatile to fit his so called system. Hell there isnt even a system with the way lakers play now. im not blaming kobe or nash but you cant have each game be played so different. one moment kobe is passing next he is shooting more i mean we need more consistency here people. Now if I start on dantoni trust me i will have trouble stopping about all the bad coach he is but here goes. First he isnt defining the role on players in general. At this point how could he be letting metta do his stupid fast break that hardly goes in unless he is alone be done almost every game. To be specific metta did that non sense break tonight and frankly it cost us the game because it was bad to run by himself which we all know and what more it missed and okc now made a easy....

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Could you please institute some paragraphs on this constitutional draft you just prepared. It is quite tough to decipher what exactly it is, that you are trying to convey.

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I have to agree it wuz difficult to read this, but as far as tha name of tha thread..... d'antoni suks. Period. He suks and bringing guys together. He suks at running (any kind of) offense. He suks at getting these guys to play defense. He suks at making adjustments during after before any game. He suks at implimening dwight howard into tha game. <<< he is our future franchise player right? ? ? Maybe we should involve him on offense and he might show us sumthing on defense. Now (even tho I love watching kobe) he is resortng to isolation kobe(which is beter than anything else he has implimented). IS THERE A D'ANTONI sUKs thread??

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I agree the post was a little difficult to read but the thought was correct. If I could use auto racing as an analogy, it's like we hired a drag racer to drive in a road race; it just doesn't work.

I don't know at this point if Phil would come back but we would almost be better off if Mike just walked off the court and the players just played straight up basketball on their own with no coach.

Now to go really far out; I wonder what kind of coach Kobe would make under Phil's tutelage? Is it something to think about for the future?

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What a blob of a post

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We don't have a coach.

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