Nash's Hilarious Response to Dunking

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Last Thursday night, after Dwight Howard poked fun at Steve Nash for not being able to “get close to the net,” (nonetheless dunk), we scoured the internet hoping to find footage somewhere of Steve Nash dunking. Unfortunately, all we could find was an NBA ad that was much closer to a lay-up than a dunk.

So, instead of wondering whether or not Steve Nash could dunk, I decided to simply ask him if there was ever a time where he threw it down that never got captured on film. Well, Steve Nash had one of those hilarious moments, where you catch yourself asking “Where did that come from, Steve?”

“I used to rattle the odd rim,” laughed Steve in a comedic husky tone. “Never caught on tape though, it’s like Sasquatch.”

Trust me, this is one of those things, you have to see on camera. Our Lakers Nation exclusive is below.

*All videos from Lakers practice yesterday, can be found on our LakersNation YouTube Channel.

Video at link. Pretty funny. ... 013/03/05/

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I was hoping to laugh, however I couldn't seem to find the humor in Nash's response. What am I missing?

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His sarcasm and tone. I found it funny. Love Nash on and off the court

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I thought this was hilarious! His sarcastic face hahaha

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I love it when Nash gets his comedy style on. He´s hilarious!

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Never caught on tape though, it’s like Sasquatch - xD

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Funny, Nash always has had that sense of humor in him.

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