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  1. It’s impossible to figure out how good this Lakers team can/will be until Nash comes back and gets a few games under his belt. But it’s not a good sign �" Nash or no Nash �" that they can’t come up with any game-to-game consistency. Whether it’s on offense or defense, it’s never the same team back-to-back. Even with all the new players this season and all the injuries so far, the roster is too talented to look like world champions in one game, like zombies in another. Is the coaching staff getting its message across? In particular, is D’Antoni? I’d say the answer right now is a loud NO.

  2. Howard has the reputation of being a fun guy to be around, the life of the locker room. And while that’s true most of the time, the more you’re around him the more you realize that this guy is a serious as one can be in his pursuit of becoming the greatest player he can be and winning multiple championships. So, the Lakers had better hope this D’Antoni experiment is the right one. Because as happy as Howard is to be with the Lakers and living in Los Angeles, I think the potential for championships will weigh most heavily in his mind when he becomes a free agent at season’s end and considers whether to re-sign.

  3. Haven’t heard much about Bernie Bickerstaff since he went back to being an assistant, but he seems to be the only coach to get through to the Lakers so far this season. They were 4-1 under the 40-year NBA veteran, and the team played its most consistent, confident basketball with Bernie at the helm.

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I would like to add a few things that I have been seeing and few things I have been thinking

1.Nash is better then Duhon, Morris and Blake at PG so he will help greatly people seem to not think so for some reason

2.Nash is an excellent shot creator whether it is his own shot or getting someone else a shot

3.People blaming Kobe for taking to many shoots and ruining the flow of the game seem to forget he is a SG being forced to play PG and SG for us which is not very easy so at just about every given moment through the game its 4 on 5.

4.Kobe doesnt ruin the flow of the game, if he sees people hesitate to shoot or start passing up open shots he is going to have to take the shots himself.

5.Lets not forget about our actual back up PG Steve Blake who is an excellent spot up shooter and he is much better PG and pure shooter then both Morris and Duhon

6.D'Antoni needs to figure out his rotations quickly, he had them perfect against Denver then he changes them IDK what he was thinking but Meeks/Jaminson need their minutes. Ebanks should not be trying to get worked into the system now, especially when he isnt even needed.

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^I think there is a reason we saw Ebanks and its not about working him in..Call me clairvoyant, but I see a change coming involving the aforementioned" or maybe its wishful thinking on my part..We shall see.

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trialsNtribulations wrote:
^I think there is a reason we saw Ebanks and its not about working him in..Call me clairvoyant, but I see a change coming involving the aforementioned" or maybe its wishful thinking on my part..We shall see.

I was thinking the same thing...maybe him and Hill for somebody...

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Maybe he was getting him to sweat out some of that w.v. moonshine

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Here are my thoughts on the entire season so far for the Lakers.The team had more expectations from the media and fans than any other team in recent NBA history. Their it was the Lakers getting 2 time MVP Steve Nash and also a bit later we got Antawn Jamison one of the top scorers in NBA history and on August 10 we got 3 time DPOY and multiple time all star Dwight Howard all the while we kept Kobe Bryant,Pau Gasol,MWP. That alone was enough to get the entire world curious enough about our team to hype us up like....

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