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Ok, I know its early but I'm a bit bored today and why not for my first topic be one that can grow. Now the question is who do you see as the best and/or most underrated player(s) in the draft (doesn't need to be the top just have to have a reason why) and which player do you think will be great for the Lakers to add (same thing, try to be reasonable, nothing to out of reach like the number 1 guy unless the season changes and it can be the same guys)

Well I think I have two top guys, PF Rudy Gubert and C Alex Len. Would love the Lakers to get both these players, especially if Howard leaves during the offseason. Both guys are 7'1 (with shoes on) and have wingspan that are enormous and can play both PF and C. Rudy is more of a PF, and has a good shoot from the field. But one of the main flaws Rudy has is that he's from France, nothing against France, its more against Euro ball, going to have an adjustment period to balling in the NBA and will have to play a bit tougher (is showing a bit of that this season). Alex has a good frame for a C, that he can grow into (but its he's main flaw as he will need to add weight). He main game comes from offensive rebounds and tipping them in, maybe the best in the draft. Good athletically, set up screens very well.

Another player who I think is very intrigue by is Mindaugas Kupas, he comes into the draft with the biggest reach and wingspan of all players. And that was measuring without shoes. And I think he's 7-1 without them two. That's all I can find out on the guy.

So tell me what you think and who are you watching, hoping wears Purple and Gold.

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No point in discussing about the draft because the lakers don't have any picks lol. Even if we did, it would be the worst draft picks resulting in the worst players, and I doubt anyone has anything exciting to say about those type of players lol

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