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ANAHEIM �" Below are five things to take from the Lakers' 114-80 loss Tuesday to the Utah Jazz 1. The Lakers played their worst preseason game thus far. Of course, no one should take any of these games too seriously. But even this game tested the tolerance of Laker fans. The statistics tell some of the story on why they were offensively deficient: 80 points on 37.5% shooting. The on-court performance tells the rest. The Lakers missed wide-open shots. Through most sequences, it appeared they went through motions. In other instances, they simply looked tired. The Lakers also made absolutely no....

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If I had to guess, I think the Lakers are considering waiving Duhon's guaranteed contract if they can't bundle him in some kind of trade. Again, that's only a guess. They were trying to give him a shot to show what he can do. It's not exactly fair because no one is playing extremely well, but he was given some time with a better lineup than Blake worked with.

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I have not seen any of the preseason games because I have been out of state traveling, But I have being following the lakers on my iPad and cell phone. I am very disappointed with what I have read. I completely understand that preseason is to check the new talent, but still some of these players are already in their second year with the Lakers and should be playing better IF they want to make the team. Seems like the only rookie that has been impressing the Lakers is rookie Sacre.

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Maybe it is a good thing I am unable to watch the preseason games.

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Man, I bet Kobe can't wait one more game without having Dwight down low.

I know it's just the preseason, but getting blown out in each and every game is unacceptable.

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Agreed E, I think DH will paper over a number of the Laker weaknesses shown thus far. I just hope that it's not to the point some of the Laker players get lazy and don't continue to try and improve.

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Some of the video on LTB shows us that the Lakers are actively playing 5 on 5 full contact, full speed during practice - Including Dwight Howard! Everyone looks pretty good. Their shots are on the mark. DH is hitting free throws. Everyone is getting along and working hard. These scrimmages look like much more competition than the actual preseason games are providing the team.

Our offense only has about 35% of the plays down. As time progresses, they will learn more and more of it. If you are concerned, look at the video of the practice sessions this week. You won't be depressed. The Lakers are all that you think they are. It's just that Mike Brown is using the preseason to distinguish between the talent levels of his second and third team.

During the scrimmage, they are mixing the teams up - first and second - so that the two teams are pretty competitive with each other. It really looks good.

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mrlandlord wrote:
Maybe it is a good thing I am unable to watch the preseason games.

HA...... im starting to get worried with our bench

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We absolutely need a point guard - Blake is not our guy on the second team. He's a liability.

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