D12's presence Gives Lakers' Ticket Prices a Boost

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Dwight Howard's presence gives Lakers' ticket prices a boost Dwight Howard kicks ticket prices into overdrive. (Illustration by Robert Carter / August 12, 2012) By Mark Medina August 14, 2012, 4:26 p.m. A long time awaits before the Lakers even begin playing basketball. But if Laker fans don't already have their tickets by then, they may need to hand over a few bills to secure seats. That's always been the case for Laker games, but Dwight Howard's arrival just put ticket demand into overdrive. Fansnap.com, a ticket search engine that compiles results from major ticket marketplaces and ticket agencies, said the average ticket price rests between....

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Thank goodness! Poor ticket outlets can finally gouge more money out of fans.

I would be fine with it if all the cash went right to the Lakers who pay for the product on the floor, but it doesn't.

Time to cut out these middle men. It's the internet era, so they're an unnecessary cog in the machine that cost fans money and sponge off the hard work of the Lakers.

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