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Now that Bynum will be potentially moved (hopefully tomorrow) in place of DH12 (finally!!!!), will the Bynum loyalists here at LTB like Lakerdude switch allegiance with another team , say Philly, or remains with the Lakers? tsk3x.

Just a million dollar question Smile

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of course they would still be a laker fan.

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It's a sad day for the Bynumites, the Bynumphiles....you know who you are! This trade just proves to everyone, that the Lakers FO and organization, had no faith, or did not belive Bynum was a franchise player, or could lead this Lakers team to future championships, when Kobe does decide to retire. I know I was called a Bynum hater, but I just spoke the truth...and recognize what the Lakers FO knew all along.

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Why make a thread like this? It's just a troll thread. Had Bynum stayed and one of the "Bynum Loyalists" made a thread taunting for Bynum staying you guys would all be bitching. There's no need for this.

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I'm locking this thread. It has no other purpose than to taunt Bynum supporters.

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