Godzilla vs Superman(Bizzaro) (P. 5)

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lakerdude wrote:
kb24_4life wrote:
Lakerdude, what are you going to debate this troll on? He's pro-Bynum...

OK. I heard it already, lol..

Don't worry he will be back. lol. What are they going to do ban every new user. lol.. Plus he knows what he's doing, he's only been coming in here over and over.. and typing I'm back. lol. Once he acts like a normal poster.. It will be hard to catch him. Especially if they have multiple new members signing up with ghost IP's. Can't delete them all.. Or else the site will lose new users. lol..

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I guess this just got shot to hell...

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lakerdude wrote:
I don't want to go overboard and get in trouble here, but I've been on this site longer than any others, and it's my favorite, but others aren't so quick to pull the trigger. I can say things on a couple other forums that are fine, and if I say them here I'm banned. Why is it so formal? Can't we allow for some leniency? I mean it is a debate forum and debates should be able to get heated. What's wrong with a little trash talk and name calling here and there? As long as we don't wish harm on another and talk about peoples mamas, what's the big deal? Like I said, I don't want to step on peoples toes here, but in all reality it kind of sucks to have to walk on eggshells everyday. Just sayin....

I am newish here, but not new at all to Laker blogging.

I agree with Lakerdude on this one, even though he thinks I'm a troll.


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