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LTB members, in lieu of so many questions and disagreements about what the Lakers and other teams can and can't do under the new CBA, here is a site that should answer any questions.

Made by Larry Coon, an IT director at UC Irvine, it is simply a labor of love for him. This is just the latest CBA FAQ he has done for the NBA. He has done this for years and is so good at it, so respected, that fans, reporters and even NBA front office people use it. The document is over 60 thousand words and is broken down in a way that gives you quick, easy access and answers to any questions a fan may have.

For those who want to learn about the CBA or just have a single question, here is the link to a great site.

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Is there any way to sticky this?

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Thanks for sharing the knowledge sir.Smile

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thatguyoverthere wrote:
Is there any way to sticky this?


It is a sticky.


No problem. Most other NBA team sites have CBA documents for their members to peruse or just glance at to answer their questions.

With all the discussions here about signing guys, who we can sign, what we can pay them, it was high time we had a good document here on LTB for the readers.

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Thanks a lot SPQR.

Though it is best everybody reads up on the whole thing, for those who want the quick and easy I find 2. and 25. to be the most helpful in addressing the common misconceptions about the soft salary cap. So in summary teams can "exceed the cap under" the circumstances listed in "25. What are salary cap exceptions?".

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Solid move SP

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Whew, there's some here that need this, course they won't be the one's reading it. LOL And in a month we'll have another thread about the Lakers not spending like the Yankees. LOL

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Thanks for the link!

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Coon's work can't really be called "official" but he has carefully worked himself into a position where he has probably become the single most highly respected non-official source of information on NBA CBA issues. He is often asked to comment or write regarding issues surrounding the NBA CBA. For the longest time I thought he was officially connected to the NBA in some capacity. It's a great idea to post it as a resource Randy.

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