Ainge Would Consider Trading Big Three For Younger Talent

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by Ricky Doyle on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 11:56PM It's debatable whether or not the Celtics are contenders this season. But if the right move was to come around involving the Big Three, Danny Ainge....

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What the Celtics need to trade for is a time machine. Damn they're old! But Ainge is thinking like a good GM though by not hesitating to pull the trigger to trade any or all of the Big Three.

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Paul Pierce, Poplivic for Beasley, Wes Johnson and a 1st

Rubio / Barea

Webster / Ellington

Pierce / Poplivic

Williams / Tolliver

Love / Millicic

KG for Udoh, Biendrins and a 1st

Curry / Robinson

Ellis / Rush

Wright / McGuire

KG / Barron

Lee / Brown

Allen for Bledsoe, Foye and a 1st

Paul / Williams

Allen / Billiups

Butler / Gomes

Griffin / Evans

Jordan / Thompkins

Rondo / Bledsoe

Johnson / Foye

Green / Pietrus

Bass/ Beasley

O'neal / Udoh

Rondo - Bledsoe - Johnson - Beasley - Green - Udoh = lots of young talent plus 3 1st rd picks

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Celtics should go after Cousins and Beasley.

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basketman wrote:
Celtics should go after Cousins and Beasley.

agreed although i think cousins is now safe in sac town. maybe they could hook up minn since they killed them in the kg deal several years ago

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They should trade their player now there's no energy on their team now like before.

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Hope to see the big 3 disappear soon....gave us a hard time... To say the least..

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