World Peace producing next Lakers theme song?

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Metta World Peace was at a club one night when a young lady approached him and insisted on singing.

He was skeptical but bent down so he could hear her.

"She sung in my ear to the beat that was playing," World Peace said of an artist named Miss V. "And I was like, 'You know what, sounds pretty good.' "

So he decided to bring her to his studio.

"After that, I didn't need to hear anymore" he said.

He is now co-producing a single she wrote, called "If You Try," that's about believing in yourself. He said he hopes it will become the Lakers theme song next season.

"It's a real inspirational song," he said.

Even though he's given up on his rap career, World Peace expressed what the song means to him at his Hollywood recording studio on Wednesday.

"Came from the bottom, trying to make it to the top," he said. "I already went through the struggle and we never gonna stop.... No fear, Queensbridge, Lakers, we ain't going nowhere."

�"Melissa Rohlin

Link: s-theme-/landing_lakers.html?blockID=571582&feedID=3707

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