C's Ainge looking to start Jeff Green over Paul Pierce?

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On the future of the team:

“We need to make changes for sure I don’t think it is but having said that that’s my job is to evaluate the reasons why we didn’t play the way we’re capable of playing … We do have a team that next year come playoff time will be a year older and a team like Miami will be in their prime years.

On the starting lineup changing:

“Maybe there’s a change of roles. Maybe Paul comes off the bench, cuts down on his minutes. Maybe we find a way to get Jeff more minutes. His role will expand if he’s back here next year. There’s no question about that … ”

“It wouldn’t totally shock me if there’s a change in the starting lineup, but that’s just way too tough to tell.”

On the possibility of trading one of the Big Three:

“I would have to look into that if a good trade came about”

On the possibility of trading Rondo:

Probably not. I can’t ever say never, but that’s not our plan right now, probably not.

Ainge’s biggest regret:

“I would have fought harder to bring Tony Allen back,” Ainge said. “We tried to sign Tony, we tried to come within our rules of staying in our two-year program. I think that Tony would have helped us.

“We offered Tony a two-year deal out of the gate, but then when Memphis showed him some love and he started thinking about the idea of more playing time … Then, he wanted a change of scenery.”

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I think they blew it in the case of Tony Allen too.

I seriously doubt that Paul Pierce is gonna come off the bench. He'll fake a season-long injury before he lets that happen.

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