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Hi guys- I just added a new feature where you can rate a topic based upon whether you like it or not. It can be for any reason- no guideline. This is different from how you can give an individual poster a positive vote for a good post. Of course you can do both as well.

You would click on the thumbs up icon to give the topic a +1, and vice versa with the thumbs down button. Once there's enough data compiled eventually I will be able to add stuff like "Higest Rated Topic of the Week", "Posters With the Highest Rated Topics", etc.

Please feel free to post feedback on this feature- thanks guys!

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Very interesting, it seems like a good idea and I am going to get started rating some of these topics. Good work

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And at the end of the year, we can pick the two worst topic-makers and give one of them a fiinal thumbs down, just like in the Roman Colliseum. Then SPQR, by virtue of his Roman name, can slit the offenders throat. Just like in ancient Rome.

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Way to keep it fresh Dave. Thumbs up!!

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I gave this a thumbs down... just cuz I could.

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griZZly64 wrote:
I gave this a thumbs down... just cuz I could.


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Good stuff Dave. Way to keep things interesting and fun!

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This reminds of that feature on yahoo news where you can give the thumbs up or the dreaded thumbs down to user posts. LOL

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