Lakers-Hornets Game 5: Now It's Time To Panic

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During the regular season, a friend of mine asked why we all bothered to put so much time into following each Lakers basketball game�"it's a long season. His theory was, just turn on the last two minutes of every match. You’ll see the outcome. And while that’s true, that doesn’t really tell you the whole story. Anybody can flip to the last page of a book to see the ending. But when you do that, you miss the journey. The Lakers inexplicable lack of focus in Game 1 becomes easier to understand when you remember the losing spell before....

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Nice post. This is the 1st rd vs NO and already we are in a must win situation. Not good. I like our chances, but don't see us getting out of the West. Hope I'm wrong.

Let's get this W. Go Lakers

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Pray for our Lakeshow =)

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Bleacher report, but it was actually a decent article and made valid points. Except for the comment "kind of like Westbrook/Durant 2.0" uhmm i really hope they werent trying to compare Ariza and CP3 to Westbrook and Durant. Westbrook is a beast- I honestly think he'd be in the argument for best pg if he didnt have to share his spotlight with Durant. They'd be a worse team obviously, but Westbrook would have insane stats.

The way players kill you is when you overlook them and I think thats why so many scrubs tend to have career nights against LA. I thought automatically that it was going to be a difficult series for Kobe with the way that Ariza guards him and knows his style of play. What I didnt expect was the way Gasol had crumbled and Odom went MIA.

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