Are You Confident Enough To Bet On Laker Win?

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Are You Confident Enough?
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This is a quick one day poll.

Are you, my fellow LTBers, confident enough to (hypothetically) bet $100 on the Lakers in Game Five at Staples?

If I were in Vegas (which I will be mid-May), I know I would bet $100 on the purple and gold.

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i got a 100 they win

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I got 100 they either win or lose.

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cuckooroller wrote:
I got 100 they either win or lose.

You just gave vegas $10 on juice.

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they usually win when they are on desperate mode (hope i dont jinx it Sad )

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Hell No this was the first season where I stopped betting on Kobe & LA after the first 20 games of teh season. These sometimey half hearted players dont deserve any bets placed in their favor with their Dr. Jekeyell & Mr. Hyde performances from each new game.

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Tonight? Maybe. Game 6? Hell no.

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Even if we go down tonight, I still think we could win the next 2. We won't win easy tonight, but I think we take care of business

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I would be willing to bet 100 that they win, no doubt in my mind.

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not a betting man, but yeah IF they were only going to win one game the rest of the way this would be it, I predict game 6 2010 NBA finals type of intensity and total beatdown and humiliation and a hard fought game 6 win on thursday. Then the panic button pushers will be calm for a week until we are tied 2-2 with dallas and we will do this polling again and again.

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