Pau Gasol locked down by Hornets

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By Arash Markazi LOS ANGELES -- Pau Gasol had to smile when he was asked to explain his performance so far in the playoffs. What else could he do? He had spent the better part of two days listening to teammates, coaches and talking heads criticize his abysmal performance in Game 1 against the New Orleans Hornets, where he scored just eight points, two above his season low, on 2-for-9 shooting with six rebounds. There was simply no way one of the most skilled big men in basketball was going to have that kind of game again, right? Not quite. Gasol again finished with eight....

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Well, there's no freaking way Gasol can play this terribly for the entire series. He's gotta score in double figures next game and play with more efficiency. The man is simply too talented and too skilled to continue playing this poorly.

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Pau locked down? lol

71% in the reg-season along with 20 points for 4 games as an average implies that you cannot guard him lol. Pau is in a funk.

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Have you seen game 3? nuf said. Pau is back.

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please, locked down my a**. at this point pau has gone through the best defensive centers in the playoffs and easily outplayed them (Howard, Perkins, Duncan) there just might be a slight chance that the hornets frontline is maybe savagely hacking the **** **** out of pau and hes not getting a single call. everyone knows aaron gray as a beast in the low post, and dont even get me started on jason smith, were talkin hall of fame defenders here. obviously pau can play well against the likes of dwight howard and kendrick perkins, but when he hears the name aaron gray, he usually has to change his underwear. and once again, it has NOTHING to do with him being savagely hacked

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