The Farewell Sasha Vujacic Mix (LOL)

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lol, I think it's funny that so many people including me were hating on Sasha and wanting him out of L.A. Then when it actually happens, fans are saying stuff like "good luck" or "you'll be missed." rofl. I mean really? I don't give two s*** what sasha does. He couldn't make a shot to save his life, and I don't care if he is in the league or not next year. Now that is keeping it real.

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LOL half of his "highlights" are of him getting punked!!

good luck in NJ Sasha!

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This was almost as good as Ammo's highlights that kimmel put together.. Im gonna miss sasha's over reactions to pain where he over emphasizes his heart and will.

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they should of showed the clip of when he cried during a game hahahahaha.

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That's pretty funny stuff- some highlights and not so highlights lol

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Thanks for helping with the celtics in the last seconds sasha that's the only reason i don't hate you anymore lol

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