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As an LTB member for a number of years, one of the pleasures of the site is that it is a "safe harbour" from all these politicians who are constanly assaulting our senses.

Today, on logging onto LTB, I was assailed by a Meg Whitman advertisement. It is irrelevant that I hate Meg Whitman and everything she stands for; I would have been equally annoyed at a Jerry Brown ad.

I understand this site is advertiser supported. But even capitalism must take into account what the purpose of its business model is. Would a Religious site be considerate of its members if an Atheist ad were displayed front and center on its site?

When it comes to the Lakers, I care not what any of my Lakers buddies' political views are. The guys whom I go to Staples with are a varied political group. But the rule, when we get on the train to Staples, is NO POLITICS. The Lakers are a no-politics zone.

I would hope that this is will be the policiy here -- unless Meg Whitman offers you twenty million for the site. That I could understand!

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i don't think he has direct control of certain banner adds. If the website rents the banner sapce to a general marketing company you will see a variety of adds going up there. It's unfortunate as it "looks" like Dave or LTB supports whatever add is on there.

A unneccesary and just unfortunate evil come election time.

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I personally wouldn't lose sleep over it. I never really pay attention to the ads anyway, but that's just me...

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Yeah, just ignore them. My mind has developed an anti-ad filter anyway. If I even see them my mind does not allow me to be really aware of them.

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Guys, this gives me an idea.

I'm thinking we get ahold of the marketing company that the redsarmy forums contract out to and put a BIG Laker Banner with the 09/10 run and pierce watching from a wheelchair in the back.

I think if we all chip in a few bucks we could probably get that add up there for a week. Anyone know when red's birthday is?

who's with me?

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Meg Whitman ad on LTB, where?, Dam I must have missed it. Who is Meg Whitman? Does she play in the WNBA?

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I now play on LTB with my laptop on mute.

Simple solution: Turn your sound off. /Thread.

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Baad- Bleed.Purple.And.Gold is right- I don't have control over those ads- Google does. I'm not exactly sure why they showed a Meg Whitman ad to you on this site. I personally have not seen those ads. Sometimes I noticed with the Google ads is that they seem to "follow" you from site to site. So for instance if you visited a political site Google may think that you are interested in politics and then thus show the ads to you here.

But yeah you're right if Meg Whitman offers me that much $- hahah sorry guys I'm turning this site into MWTopbuzz! Wink

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^Lol. MWTopbuzz. That's funny, Dave. I wonder who the fans of her giant forehead are. lol

Here, her humongous forehead:

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