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SPQR wrote:
As I have gotten older, a thought has struck me. I consider Abe Lincoln as our greatest president, for obvious reasons, ahead of Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington. Yet as time goes on, I wonder, did he make a mistake preserving the union? Should he not have let the southern portion of morons go it alone and let the north and pacific west develop as thinking, progressive people, not tied to southern ball and chain of infantile delusion and ignorance?
I am familiar with the many theories out there. Someone made a poster of all....

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Congratulations for the supreme court ruling yesterday that ended hundreds of years of American citizens being deprived their rights. I am of course talking about the ruling that finally allows gay marriage in all fifty states. It was a long time coming and as usual, this country lagged behind many others, but it finally has arrived. This was a hot topic on this thread for years. And it got heated. I and others were arguing for the rights of these people as citizens and as human beings. The other side argued for their right to make them second class citizens. They were in the wrong, I and the others on our side were in the right. And no, that is not a one sided view or being arrogant, it is a fact of right and wrong, no more complicated than that and crystal clear to see and understand. If you are going to strip someone of simple, easy to understand rights, you better have a great reason for it. As in it is causing tremendous harm to a large portion of others. In this case, gay marriage harms no one at all, except maybe bigots. There were a lot of arguments for not allowing gay marriage, all of them totally hollow and without any merit at all. You had the, "But marriage is between a man and woman." Yeah, it was, because gays were not allowed to marry. And until recently, often persecuted and killed. A few years ago it was illegal for inner racial couples to marry. A few years ago blacks couldn't eat in a restaurant with whites. A few years ago, slavery was an American institution. Times change and wrongs are righted. Then you had the, "It's against my religion" arguments. It is also instrumental to know that many voiced their....

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