The lakerfreak dude was mentioning KG in LA?

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I don't know if this is true.(probably not?) because I haven't keeping track of the Lakers for a while because school started, but I still am not sure if Kg will be wearing a Laker jersey anytime soon.

Anyone know or have heard any rumors about this?

Casual Laker Fan
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yes but kaizer IF we get him it will be next year or later

LNS HOF Silver
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I think I would quit being a Laker fan IF they got KG.

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"IT's Aliiiveeee" - Young Dr. Frankenstein


Response came after 7 years!!!

Lmao... Rofl....

Laker GM
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His Celtic blood would boil first.

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How is this thread relevant right now? There is no reason it should have been bumped up, unless I'm missing something here.

Laker GM
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^ Exactly what I was thinking. A post from 2006 and the next from 2013. Don't get the point.

Die-Hard Laker Fan
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Shall we all just start re-gurging ancient threads?

Just for the Helluvit?

LNS HOF Silver
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I never noticed the date, but you are right. What happened there?

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