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I can just remember when we couldn't get a dunk in our series with Phoenix two years ago. That first dunk came on the third game played in Los Angeles. And then we ultimately lost that series in 5 games. My, how things change. This has been the best Lakers that I have seen with the most fist-pumps, most awe-struck fans going oohh and ahh, and the most fun they have had in the playoffs in a long while. This is a Laker team that boasts a myriad of talent, unbeknownst to opponents where that nightly threat will kill them and in what category. Simply put, a pick-your-poison type of team. You can't double anybody because everybody is that good and so deep into the offense that no one is really just another player to fill the five man rotation. Unlike what the Lakers had the years before (see Parker, Smush and Brown, Kwame), this team is deadly at all corners of the court. What makes them even more dangerous is that new found trust they have with each other and that everybody is accountable at all costs. And this attitude has led them to the best record in the mighty West and had teams scrambling before the trade deadline just to matchup with the Laker juggernaut. These Lakers can now challenge for a title because, led by MVP Kobe Bryant, are not looking into the past. Everything they seem to do has been forward and advancing, not to mention successful. When the season began, they started from scratch, after the tirade that their star player went through. Good thing about this team is that they shared the fire that their leader had in winning. And it has shown all season long. The Lakers didn't just improve themselves, they destroyed the landscape of the NBA. You ask....

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Good post RandyPandy.

This team is scary enough without BYnum, and I can't wait until next year when we do finally get Bynum, then picking your poison has a whole new meaning. I'm really proud of this team and how players went to improve their respective games. Let's hope that during the exit interviews that they tell Vlad to work on some sort of inside game and to have Sasha and Jordan work on dribble penetration. Next year should be a 60+ win season with Kobe only having to average 24-25pts per game.

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Yea! It is sure looking good. I hope they keep their intensity going through the playoffs. And yes Randy is right when he says the injury to Bynum might have been a blessing in disguise. Nobody wishes an injury to anybody, but like he said, we wouldn't have Gasol if it wasn't for that injury.

Very good post.

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LTB, you all should realize that if every member in this site wrote like Randy, we would be renowned worldwide.

Very Nice Piece man.

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Great post by Randy.

The one to thank really is Mr. Kupchak. If he hadn't drafted Bynum, therefore I conclude, we would never have Pau Gasol and never be where we are right now. I salute the man!

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nikodaza wrote:
Great post by Randy.

The one to thank really is Mr. Kupchak. If he hadn't drafted Bynum, therefore I conclude, we would never have Pau Gasol and never be where we are right now. I salute the man!

Not only did Kupchak draft Bynum: he kept him too! After all the Kidd and JO speculations, we still had Bynum in L.A. He was in so much pressure to trade him but he didnt. He's a great GM.

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