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Hey guys I just added a new feature where you can pick the forum to post in when you click on "New Topic". Normally you would have to go to the correct forum first to post a new topic in that forum- well no longer! This should drastically cut down on the topics created in the wrong forums- I hope! Very Happy

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Nice Dave i think it will cut down people posting things in the wrong forum.

Once a again beautiful idea dave.

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Dave's our hero. Always looking out for the Laker fans.

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Again, very good job Dave. This will keep LTB more organized.

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Dave for MVP.

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great idea. voulent, i second that!

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That is what makes this site the best.When you have a hall of famers as a admin.Great Idea

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dave........what else can i say.....that name says it all.....we are truly fortunate to have a hard working administrator like dave. THANKS DAVE!

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